The Truth Must Be Told


The Truth Must Be Told is an alternative media platform established by Ara K. Manoogian in 2010 with the purpose of publishing investigative reports and essays on key issues concerning corruption and human rights abuse in Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian Diaspora. Particularly, The Truth Must Be Told focuses on government corruption, charitable activities, money laundering, army abuse, emigration, and human trafficking.

Starting 2012, The Truth Must Be Told has broadened its dimensions by involving whistleblower reports. Anyone who has witnessed any action or is in possession of facts attesting to illegal activity, such as corruption, abuse of authority, substantial danger to public safety etc., is welcome to submit his/her story to The Truth Must Be Told. All stories should be sent to report@thetruthmustbetold.com. In the event of publishing a solicited report, The Truth Must Be Told guarantees the anonymity of the whistleblower should the latter make such request.

The original reports published at The Truth Must Be Told have been reprinted in key media outlets of Armenia and Artsakh, such as Hetq.am, Hraparak.am, Lragir.am, Armenia Today, ArtsakhNews.am and others (visit Publications to see a comprehensive list of reprints).