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In Artsakh-related Facebook groups the most discussed topic is Artsakh government’s recent decision to allocate $250 thousand for upgrading its fleet vehicles, following the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund’s Telethon for the construction of Karvachar-Sotk highway. According to the sources, a vehicle has already been purchased for Bako Sahakyan, a number of expensive cars has been ordered for other officials.

Karen Ohanjanyan, a human rights activist in Artsakh, upset about the news, writes that chaos is an inevitable outcome in the process of polarization.
And many people share his view in Artsakh, where living standards have been steadily declining, while the people’s loan debts grow. And this cannot but lead to an explosion.

In general, the Artsakh government has honed a habit to spend “the extra funds” near the end of the year, leaving nothing for the next year. As a rule, they spend the money on vehicles and other comfort-oriented goods. They also write off certain people’s debts to banks at the state’s expense.

Source: Lragir
December 11, 2013