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You will not find this video material online, as after a few hours of its upload it was deleted from youtube for reasons unknown to us up to now.

It was several months ago that “AR” TV presented a short documentary illustrating the disastrous situation caused by mining activities in Syunik region, Armenia. After being shown on TV, it was also uploaded to youtube, but disappeared after a few hours. It’s most likely that some state officials or private sector representatives did their best to prevent wider audiences from learning the facts presented in the video material. Fortunately, the documentary was downloaded from youtube and was passed to members of Pan-Armenian Environmental Front, and we are glad to have the opportunity of presenting it to your attention.

Pan-Armenian Environmental Front (PAEF) members made another documentary on mining activities, and the environmental, health and social problems mining causes in Syunik. The first public screening of the documentary, entitled “Armenia’s Breaking Backbone” was organized on October 8, 2013, in Yerevan. Afterwards it was screened in Los Angeles, Washington and New York. PAEF plans to organize public screenings at universities and colleagues in Armenia and abroad, as well as in different regions of Armenia and in Artsakh. After the planned screenings are fulfilled, the documentary will also be available on Youtube.

Subtitled translation by Anna Shahnazaryan
The video without subtitles is available by the following link:

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