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Judge Orders “Yerevan Brandy” to Hand Over Financial Report

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Source: Hetq

March 4, 2010

կարդալ ՀԱՅԵՐԵՆ

At today’s trial session in the on-going legal battle between the German firm “Ostinvestor” and Gagik Tsarukyan’s “Ararat Brandy and Wine”, Judge Melkumyan sustained the motion of “Ostinvestor” to have Yerevan Brandy Company hand over company documents regarding the valuation of 50% of stock owned by “Brandy Bridge.

“Ostinvestor” had requested the account information from Ararat Brandy but never obtained the documents. Davit Danielyan, one of the German firm’s attorneys, warned that they would petition the Compulsory Enforcement Service to procure the paperwork if Ararat Brandy disregarded the court’s ruling. Judge Melkumyan postponed the trial until he heard back from Ostinvestor as to whether they had received the report or not.