Mar 022015
 March 2, 2015  Add comments

For our ongoing investigation of the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee (PAGMC), The Truth Must Be Told (TTMBT) received a copy of the license agreement that the City of Pasadena and the PAGMC have entered into.

The agreement for the land that the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial is being built is problematic in many ways, most notably is item #7. According to this term in the agreement, said agreement can be terminated for any reason by the City of Pasadena, “…revocable on thirty (30) written notice.” At that time, the PAGMC must restore the property to its original condition (see item #17).

TTMBT is in the process of setting up interviews with Pasadena City officials to get clarification on this agreement and will report back to our readers with the findings.

Download: PAGMC License Agreement No. 22,112