Jan 092015
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: The original version of this video was removed by YouTube following Stepan Partamian’s claim of copyright infringement. TheTruthMustBeTold.com is currently disputing Partamian’s ungrounded claim. In the meantime, TheTruthMustBeTold.com is prohibited to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. TheTruthMustBeTold.com apologizes for the low video quality, which was intended to fit the tight rules of Vimeo’s basic plan.

Press Conference on ‘Nomadic People’ Controversy, AARFA and KTLA from Ara Manoogian on Vimeo.


Ara Manoogian, an investigative journalist and human rights activist, founder of TheTruthMustBeTold.com held a press conference at Conrad’s Restaurant in Glendale, CA, on January 8, 2015, to share his findings on the reasons why KTLA TV used the phrase ‘nomadic people’ to identify the Armenian people, while commenting on the American Armenian Rose Float during the Rose Parade 2015; the role of the American Armenian Rose Float Association and the Tournament of Roses in the controversy. The press conference was followed by Q&A. Below is the footage of the KTLA TV’s broadcast with the use of ‘nomadic people’.