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On March 26, 2014, a group of constituents paid a visit to U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff’s 28th District Office in Burbank, CA, to hand an open letter, requesting a meeting with his constituents to discuss the the ongoing conflict in Syria, the massacres of Christian minorities by terrorists fighting alongside the Free Syrian Army and his position. The open letter is now a petition, which you may sign here.

An Armenian Church after bombing (© Vatican Insider)

An Armenian Church after bombing (© Vatican Insider)

For time immemorial, the purpose of the United States government, specifically Congress, has been to effectively and honestly maintain dialogues with the American people at large. This fiduciary obligation does not end with the House of Representatives. Congressman Adam Schiff, it remains your first and principal obligation to listen to your constituents, respond to them, and reach a consensus which benefits the people you were elected to represent. Unfortunately, you have categorically failed to do so with the situation of Syria and your unwarranted blame of the Assad regime for everything. More importantly, your reluctance to hold serious discussions with constituents within your district remains an insult to injury and a sign of carelessness on your behalf.

These past few congressional terms, you have showed an interest toward the Armenian community, and have poured considerable time in the United States’ official recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Specifically, you attempted in the House to ensure the passage of H.R 106, the Armenian Genocide Recognition Bill, which now has fallen dead on the floors of Congress. Along with that noble attempt, you sought to extend life insurance benefits for Genocide victims. All brave and commendable attempts, but in the end, only attempts.

If only you had attempted to provide justice for the Armenians in Syria.

Mr. Schiff, last September, a group of concerned citizens spoke with your office and voiced their concerns regarding the Syrian issue, specifically our government’s accusations and proposed military action, which you support, against Assad’s government. At that time they asked for a meeting with you to further discuss their concerns. You responded by letter with mere talking points of Assad’s “obvious guilt.” However, the fact remains that the “evidence” you cite remains biased, without credence, and there fails to be any substantive evidence linking Assad with the chemical attacks. In fact, since your letter, information has surfaced which implicates the U.S.-supported opposition in Syria and is tied to Al-Qaeda for having carried out the chemical attacks (see article by reputable journalist, Seymour Hersh, “Whose Sarin?” at:

Your constituents spoke, and you remained silent. Time after time, we have attempted to enact correspondence between you and us, but again, you have remained silent.

After an egregious amount of inactivity on your part, a youth activist on behalf of the organization, The Truth Must Be Told, contacted your office in Washington, D.C. Your Chief of Staff, Patrick Bolan, cavalierly stated that the activist had no conception of Schiff’s ideas. After moments of discussion, Mr. Bolan added that he had no time and hung up on him.

Later, this young activist, per instruction by your Burbank office, sent an email to Colleen Oinuma, your congressional staffer, asking for a meeting between you and our organization (which you know and have met with before) in order to have important dialogues on the proper course of action. Weeks later, instead of receiving an email from Colleen, Patrick Bolan peremptorily denied us this meeting and instead sent him an op-ed which you wrote, claiming that you had already addressed our concerns in previous articles. However, the article Patrick sent was the op-ed in Asbarez Newspaper, This article only addressed the issues of Armenians living in Syria, and failed to address the broader consideration of Syria as a whole. After the young activist responded to Patrick’s correspondence, there never again came a reply. Once again, we spoke, and you, Mr. Schiff, remained silent.

And still, no meeting…

But what does exist, and what remains true, is that millions of Syrians are being displaced from their homes following the extremist insurrection within Syria these past years. Thousands of Armenians are fleeing Aleppo and taking refuge in cities like Yerevan and Los Angeles, conveniently within your district. This displacement did not occur coincidentally, but specifically when the U.S.-supported rebels decided to wage war against the peace and dignity of Syria, and instill a radicalized Al-Qaeda-backed regime, of which America is well aware.

Just this month, eighty Syrians were brutally massacred in Kessab, Syria, an Armenian-populated town. This is fact, Mr. Schiff. It is not speculation, theory, or analysis. These are reported body counts.

Your lack of proper response to this issue, specifically to your constituents, is simply inexcusable. And if you still find no reason to meet with us to address our concerns, we find more than enough validation and reason to call for your resignation from our sacred chambers of government.

Thus we remain resolved in our efforts.

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