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The Shahan Natalie Family Foundation, Inc. and The Truth Must Be Told, will be hosting a 12-hour special television program, “Inspiring Hope: Thanksgiving Tribute to Shahan Natalie,” on Thanksgiving day.

Widely regarded as the President of the Writers’ Union of the Armenian Diaspora, Shahan Natalie, born Hagop Der-Hagopian, (1884-1983) has left a legacy of hundreds of unpublished pages of correspondence, essays, poems, short stories, plays, and diaries, including Memoirs of a Stranger. Written in 1922, it is Shahan Natalie’s voluminous first-hand account, detailing his search, discovery, tracking, and the eventual assassination of one of history’s most bloodthirsty dictators, Mehmet Talaat Pasha, the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. It is not just another testimony of an Armenian Genocide survivor, but rather, a detailed documentation by an Armenian national avenger.

We will be discussing Natalie’s ideas, visions, activities, as well as offering readings from Shahan Natalie’s soon to be released book, Memoirs of a Stranger, a firsthand account of Operation Nemesis and Talaat’s execution as told by its organizer (see

The program will also feature guests from our local community, as well as Armenia and other Diaspora communities worldwide. Viewers are encouraged to call in to share their ideas and visions regarding Armenia and the Diaspora.

During the TV program, we will be launching the Armenian Diasporan Congress, Shahan Natalie’s brainchild dating back to 1917. Armenian community members from around the world are encouraged to visit, where they can register their participation.

The 12-hour program will air on November 26, 2015, from 10 am to 10 pm, on AMGA-TV, which can be viewed in SouthernCaliforniaon Channel 44.1 (from Santa Barbara to San Diego), and on Channel 31.5 in Fresno and neighboring areas. The program will be streamed live worldwide at

Please RSVP in our Facebook event and share it with your friends and family.