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Source: News.am
Date: January 28, 2013, 18:56
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Վիլիկ Հարությունյանի դուստրը վստահեցնում է, որ իր հոր մահվանն առնչվող նյութում ներկայացված հանգամանքները կեղծված ենVilik Harutyunyan’s daughter assures circumstances of her father’s death presented in the video are false For several days, some users have been sharing a video regarding the circumstances of death of Vilik Harutyunyan, PhD in Physics, Founder and Director General of Laserayin Teknika R&D.

In quest for more details, NEWS.am spoke to Vilik Harutyunyan’s daughter, Karine Harutyunyan, PhD in Physical and Mathematical sciences.

“I am familiar with the publication on my father’s death and I am frankly upset, because I regard it an exploitation of my and my family’s grief. I would like to announce that the circumstances presented in the publication are false and have nothing to do with reality. A few months before his death, my father had issues with his health and died of a heart attack 12 years ago. I would also like to add that my father was a well-known physicist and was closely cooperating with then Defense Minister Serzh Sargsyan. My father always deeply respected and revered Serzh Sargsyan both as a leader and a person. Their joint efforts were directed at preserving and developing Laserayin Teknika R&D during the period of economic crisis. I understand that various people are ready to ignore anything in this pre-election period. However, I ask everyone to abstain from discussing our family grief, the loss of my father, and making it a subject for political manipulations,” said Karine Harutyunyan.

Note: a video has surfaced on the Internet, where Ara Manoogian, a U.S.-based human rights activist, says that the death of Vilik Harutyunyan, Founder and Director General of Laserayin Teknika R&D, occurred under mysterious circumstances and, therefore, addresses a number of questions to President Serzh Sargsyan.